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Easy to use

Upon login approval, you can follow yours, family member’s or close friend’s progress to achieving their outcomes. Each profile will feature a timeline which appears in chronological order showing the most recent moment at the top.

Each progress entry appears as a snippet on the timeline with or without accompanying photos or films, you can then click through to view all of the associated media and supporting notes.

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Safe and secure

To ensure we keep our app safe and secure, family members, carers and close friends gain access to a Moment user profile through a secure registration process.

  1. Download Moment onto your phone or tablet
  2. Create a new account
  3. Select which social care service the person you’re caring for or family member are in and submit their name
  4. Your selected social care service/provider will receive a registration request email, the registration process will only be completed if the social care provider has consent from the service user, family or guardian to use this

First in the sector

Moment is the first app of its kind in the social care sector. Built by experienced care professionals specifically for adult social care, the app has been extensively tested with adults with learning disabilities, care staff and family members.

Moment uses the Care Act outcomes for adults with care and support needs to provide a framework for personal goals and progression.